Landlords Income Managed Efficiently

Our Services

On your first phone appointment…

We will work out the information we need to complete your tax return. What we need will depend on your individual circumstances.

We then review all the information you send us. We check everything carefully to make sure nothing is missed. We may come back to you several times in this process to clarify details.

When ready we send you the completed tax return before we submit it to HMRC. This is your opportunity to discuss with us anything about which you are unsure. 

We will not submit to HMRC until you confirm you are happy.

Once you join Lime Accounts …

We can gather this information throughout the year.

When we near submission date, we will review your file and contact you for an update and to request anything else we need.  

For all this, we charge a simple monthly fee – we can help you set up a standing order or arrange for you to pay via direct debit (GoCardless)